Here’s a list of emails of just a few of the nice folks like you who stayed here in a random 2 week period. Drop them a note and ask about their experience at Vida Tropical and about their Costa Rica trip in general. I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you their recommendations of what’s not-to-be missed during your trip. For more recent up to date comments, check us out on Trip Advisor, and



  • Brad and Jennifer McRae Attorney in Lake City, Florida
  • Dawn de Witt Customer service agent in Venice California
  • Adam Cort Writer from Chicago
  • Carly Painter Student at Appalachian State University, from Davidson, NC
  • Amelia Slagle Student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, from Raleigh, NC
  • Mary and Gary Bozin and their 3 children Employed by Hewlett-Packard, from Pacifica, CA
  • John Howells Writer of the well-known book ¨”CHOOSE COSTA RICA FOR RETIREMENT” from Carmel, CA and Nosara Beach, Costa Rica
  • Jill and Jim McDaniel Teachers from Elk City, OK
  • June and Ed Hope Retired, living in Orlando, FL
  • Catherine Cheshire and Joe Hamilton Musicians from St. Petersburg, FL
  • Elizabeth Ochoa Student from San Antonio, TX
  • Constance Gardner Teacher from Greenwood Village, CO
  • David and Leanne Williams Teachers presently in Monterrey, Mexico
  • Valerie Vaughn and son Oliver Graduate student at UCDavis, CA
  • Susan and Mario Plaza Veterinarian from Ft. Collins, CO
  • Bunny Helene Marks Event Promoter from Sedona, AZ
  • Bart and Sandy Mann Educators from Las Vegas, NV
  • Rich Zeidmann Developer from Portland, OR
  • Laurie and Jeff Bickford Environmental Engineer from Portland, OR
  • Robert (Buzz) Conn Manager from Phoenix, AZ
Inbar & Dalia


  • Eric Slokkers Student from Rotterdam, Holland
  • Fabricio Pessaula Student from Paris, France
  • Jurgen Commerfeldt Businessman from Gelterkinder, Switzerland
  • Kathrin Luecke Technical writer from Sandhausen, Germany
  • Anke Burkhadt Teacher from Magdeburg, Germany
  • Maria Gneissl maria.gneissl@gmx.ot Student from Ottivaring, Austria
  • Annette Klassen and Frantz Grethen Interpreter and ski/mountain bike guide/instructor from Landry, Sarole, France.

This is just a partial list of the interesting and varied guests at Vida Tropical just during a 2 week period. They shared many of their life and vacation experiences over a cool drink in the evening or a hot breakfast before setting out.

Beau Phillps


Just want to Thank-you for a very enjoyable stay in your bed and breakfast.

We all had a great time even if the last time was when we had to depart your beautiful country. We look forward to visiting you again. Thanks! We wish you both the best always,

Andrea, Jeff, Otto and Sunny Shane, Jason and Emeri

I have wanted to send this letter to the both of you for some time but have been quite busy with various things since my return.

At any rate, I wanted to thank you both very much for your many kindnesses and hospitality while I was with you at the Vida Tropical. Thank Sylvia as well, please. I had a nice time and this was mainly because of you. I am slow in starting my immigration processing but will actually start tomorrow with certain documents. I have started on selling my house but this is slow as I must make certain repairs on it before I can even put it on the real estate market. Everything takes time. But, all will eventually be done and I will become a pensionado living somewhere in Costa Rica.

Thanks again for your kindnesses and I will look you up before I return.

Best regards, also to Jose and his nice wife Joanna,

Bob Siegel

Thank you so much for our delightful stay at vida tropical. I will certainly recommend it to others making their way to Costa Rica! You have created quite a family feel and I think that is wonderful. Thanks again for your hospitality!

Caprice Potter

Greetings from Virginia, Jose!

My husband and I spent a few wonderful days at Vida Tropical several years ago. We have fond memories of your gracious hospitality, of meals with your other interesting guests, and, of the casita in your courtyard. Loved the bunny on the doorstep! I’m coming back to CR sometime in the next six months.

Also, we hired Alex to drive us to Arenal and Cahuita. Does he still work with you? We had so much fun traveling with him. Can you tell me how to contact him?

I know you’re a busy guy, so, thanks so much for any information you can supply.

Warm wishes,

Gretchen VanTassel

Just a quick message to thank you for all your wonderful hospitality, food, advice and company, help with organising everything from cars to places to stay – it was so fantastic to stay with you in your lovely home and to meet you. The kids talk about you all the time and send lots of love (and hugs!). You truly made our stay in Costa Rica: we cannot thank you enough.

Hope everything is going well and look forward to hearing about Nicholas …

Thank you again

Rachel, Joe, Rowan, Rhys and Jenna Pritchard

I have stayed at Vida Tropical in Alajuela, Costa Rica on several occasions. I have always had a wonderful time. The hotel is close to the airport, about a 10 minute taxi ride. A typical Costa Rican breakfast is included every morning and is always delicious. The hotel is clean and on a quiet street a short distance from downtown Alajuela. If you have a car, they have off street parking available.

The staff is excellent and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and answer any questions you may have. They will arrange any car rentals, sightseeing tours or other activities you may be interested in doing.

If you are looking for a very friendly, low cost place to stay while in Costa Rica I highly recommend Vida Tropical in Alajuela. You will not be disappointed.

Dennis Wiederholt


My boyfriend and I recently traveled around Costa Rica for a month. Upon arrival and the day before our departure we chose to spend the night at Vida Tropical. The rooms and over all hotel are cozy and clean. The breakfasts provided are amazing thanks to the housekeeper, Sylvia. There is a great restaurant down the street called Jalapenos if you´re looking for a quick bite to eat after a long travel day. The staff at Vida will make you feel right at home, in fact it was probably two of the best nights we spent in Costa Rica.


Megan Parker, McCall, Idaho


Melissa & Marc

Thank you for an enjoyable stay last week. It was very comfortable. It was a good thing I went to the airport early early…hundreds of people in line for the airport tax counter. The porter made it easy for me otherwise it would have been quite daunting.

All the best to you and yours,
Deborah Fairbanks

We wanted to show our appreciation for your hospitallity during our visit to Costa Rica.

I am glad you let me know that it arrived safely. I was not sure the address would work.

Next time we eat at Jalapeños we’ll feel a little more at home with a Colorado license plate on the wall : ).

Jerome y Kristina

Queridos amigos, ahora que acaba de comenzar un nuevo año a estrenar, todito el sin nada (sin hambre, sin guerras, sin odios, sin dolor, sin enfermedad, sin muertes innecesarias, sin injusticias … empleemonos a fondo, en aportar cada quien nuestro pequeño granito de arena que por pequeño que sea, no es menos necesario. Llenemos el mundo de sonrisas, de ternura, de encuentros entre humanos, de palabras que no se las lleve el viento sino que, creen realidades, de abrazos que nos fundan en un solo latido, el del amor universal que todo lo transforma. Ese es mi deseo para vosotros y para vuestros seres mas próximos en este año 2012. ¡¡¡Menuda tarea mas estupenda!!!!

Pido disculpas por este largo silencio pues desde que llegué a casa he estado muy revuelta a nivel emociona, pues aparecen de pronto en tu vida muertes inesperadas que hacen que se te mueva todo el piso y no tengo demasiado ánimo para escribir pero … de cualquier forma, os quiero y os llevo en mi corazón. Sois una gente extraordinaria y solo le doy gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto y me dió la posibilidad de este encuentro. Besos y abrazos amorosos desde esta tierra castellana.

Salud y amor
Ana Domenech

Enviamos un saludo muy especial de Navidad, y nuestra gratitud por los días compartidos con ustedes en el Hostal.

Esperamos que en este diciembre disfruten de la unidad familiar, de mucha salud y prosperidad.


Martha Elena Hoyos

Thank you again very much for all the help you gave to MaryAnn and myself. We are so appreciative of your help and of Vida Tropical!

Muchas gracias otra vez,
Diana Hughes